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CAFE is a non-profit {501(c)3} Education, Advocacy. and Research Organization Serving the North Coast Region of California

Our primary mission is to educate, engage and empower the public regarding sustainability and the environment.

Watershed Protection Program

Massive amounts of toxins were released across the watersheds of more than 600 streams by the wildfires that ravaged northern California in October of 2017.  The onset of the rainy season immediately following the fires will produce runoffs that will cause widespread contamination of these streams unless rapid and effective actions are taken throughout the region.  With decades of experience in grassroots organization and coordination with multiple agencies and other non-profits in Sonoma County, SCCA and CAFE will take a leadership role, along with several other partnering organizations, in implementing a variety of strategies to protect these at-risk watersheds.

Safe Ag Safe Schools (SASS)

Sonoma Safe Agriculture Safe Schools (SASS) is a coalition of community organizations paving the way for safer land management policies primarily around our schools and communities. SASS watchdogs pesticide use, speak up when rules are broken, and lead citizen science to educate policymakers and our communities.

Their work has resulted in multiple bans on pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, etc.) in Sonoma County. Thanks to Sonoma SASS, the majority of parks in Sonoma County are now managed completely toxic-free!


Your support goes directly to helping protect our environment here in Sonoma County through education, engagement and empowerment of the public regarding sustainability and community resilience.

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